Taking Clothing Measurements To Your Acting Audition

A casting director may need your clothes measurements for costume fittings at your acting audition. Keep your measurements handy and take them to your audition. 

Females:  Males:
Height: _____ Bust: _____ Suit: _____
Weight: _____ Hips: _____ Shirt: _____
Shoe size: _____ Dress: _____ Inseam: _____
Waist: _____ Blouse: _____
Blouse: _____ Pants: _____

Address Each Agency Individually

Take the time to address each agency individually in your email or cover letter. For example, begin your letter or email with “Dear ABC Agency.”

Never send out a generic mass email with the email addresses of numerous agencies listed in the “CC” section of the email. No one likes to think they weren’t your first choice and that goes double for agents. It’s also very unprofessional. 

Pay Attention to Detail

Agents like smart actors so, be sure to check every detail such as grammar and spelling, using spell check. If you are mailing photos, how you address the envelope is also important. If you are handwriting the address on the envelope or handwriting your cover letter be sure it is neat and legible.  Do not put your photos in a binder, photo album, or folder. Do not use heart stickers, fancy colored paper, or cute messages on envelopes or inside your package.

Be a Professional at Every Stage

Remember that acting agencies are looking for a complete package. It takes more than just good looks to be a successful actor. Actors need to be professional and business-like every step of the way. If an agency is trying to decide between you and another actor the more professional actor will always win out.